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My love for watches began at a very young age, as seen in the photo. Casio digital watches were popular back then, and my watch collection started with these. Over the years, I have admired various watch designs and bought more than I can remember! But I have never found the 'perfect' watch design. I wanted to change that. In 2019, I created an Instagram account (@glynn_reynolds).

Using my background and skills as a graphic designer, I spent much time photoshopping existing watches to improve their aesthetics - and create unique designs.


My designs received much interest from fellow watch enthusiasts - so I decided to take the plunge and start this company to design and sell my Microbrand watches.
Why Sherwood? Well, I've lived In the Mansfield (Nottinghamshire) area my whole life. The village I currently live in is a stone's throw away from Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak - an ancient giant that is Britain's most enormous oak tree, with a canopy spread of 28 metres and a trunk circumference of 11 metres.


Legend dictates that Sherwood Forest was home to the famous outlaw Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who used the Major Oak for shelter, camping beneath its branches and hiding inside its massive trunk.

Owner: Glynn Reynolds
Myself with my late father at Sherwood Forest

Myself and my late father, at the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest 1982


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Thanks for submitting!

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